Drive a FrodoBot

Just add browser, broadband and game controller

Earn FBT by becoming a FrodoBot virtual driver.

It's like Mario Kart, but in real life.

Wanna become a FrodoBot virtual driver and earn some FBT? All you need is a browser, decent broadband and a game controller!

Step 1

Sign up with social logins or crypto wallet

Sign up with Google, Facebook, etc or your favorite crypto wallet.

Step 2

Pick a slot

Select a suitable timing for your virtual test drive, which will last for up to 30 min (including initial training and actual driving).

Step 3

Show up, drive and earn some tokens

At the scheduled time, ensure you have your computer hooked up to decent broadband and check that your game controller is connected to your computer properly.

Then log in again to the test drive landing page. There, you'll find a Google Meet link, where an instructor will guide you through the process, as well as the unique links for you to access and control the FrodoBot during your assigned slot time.

Experience the thrill of virtual driving

And earn some tokens along the way.