Driving License NFT + Time Credits = Game Time!
FrodoBots is an open-world game where you take on real-life driving missions around the world.
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Game Pass
Basic Driving License NFT
The "Basic Driving License NFT" is a game pass to the world of FrodoBots.

As you complete more missions and earn sufficient XPs, the license will be upgraded to a "Full Driving License NFT" with new superpowers (eg. freestyle drive).
XPs ("Experience Points")
As you complete new missions, the XPs (specific to the individual missions) will be rewarded to you.

The cumulative XPs will be stored on-chain as part of the metadata of the Basic Driving License NFT.
LPs ("Life Points")
Each player starts the game with 10 LPs.

Each failed mission (ie. not being able to return the FrodoBot to the origin location) will cost 1 LP.

If your LPs have dropped to zero, you will need to buy a new Basic Driving License NFT and start from scratch (ie. XPs starting from zero and LPs starting from 10).
Gametime Tokens
TCs ("Time Credits")
TCs ("Time Credits") are similar to duration-based tokens used in arcades where game time is extended by acquiring new TCs.
US$5 = 10 TCs
Each new player starts with 10 free TCs (after getting the Basic Driving License NFT).

Currently, most FrodoBots have a rate of 1 TC to 15-minute driving (ie. US$2 for 4 TCs or 1 hour driving duration) although this rate may vary depending on the specific FrodoBot.
Minimum of 5 TCs
To ensure players have sufficient TCs to complete any mission, each player needs to have a minimum of 5 TCs before the start of a drive.

If you have less than the minimum requirement, you'll be prompted to acquire new TCs before you can proceed with the mission.
Why NFT?
It's about ownership
Certain crucial in-game assets (eg. Driving License NFT) are structured as NFTs so you have full ownership and can use/trade them however you want.

If you aren't into NFTs at all, the game will still work exactly the same without you having to go through any crypto-related hurdles.
Social login
If you login with your socials (eg. google or facebook), all your in-game payments will be done via Stripe (ie. credit cards).

An empty wallet will also be created for you to house any NFT in-game assets.

You have full access to this wallet although the gameplay won't be affected at all if you don't want to deal with this wallet.
Crypto wallet (Coming soon)
If you have an existing crypto wallet, you may opt to login/connect with your wallet instead.

All your in-game payments will be done in USDC.

Any NFTs will also be minted directly into your crypto wallet.
Technical requirements
Game controller + fast internet
All you need is a game controller (nearly all brands will work) and a decent broadband to start driving!
Chrome preferred
The game is thoroughly tested on Chrome browser but most major browsers on recent versions should also play without much issue.
Bandwidth required
We recommend a minimum download speed of 3 mbps and upload speed of 0.5 mbps for a smooth gaming experience.

To minimize latency, we also recommend connecting directly to a LAN cable if possible (although a strong WiFi network should also suffice in most cases).
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Not ready to commit US$99 for the Basic Driving License NFT? No worries!

Join our Discord after you signed up to the game. Let us know your in-game username and we will send you a "Free Test Drive NFT" which gives you 10 minutes free trial on select FrodoBots.
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