Powering the "Drive-to-Earn" delivery network.

Using a Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium token model, the FrodoBots Network is anchored by 2 units of exchange: FBT (FrodoBots Token) and MC (Mileage Credits).

FBT (FrodoBots Token)

Incentivizing Supply

FBT is earned by robot owners and virtual drivers based on a "Drive-to-Earn" model and validated by the "Proof of Driving" consensus.

MC (Mileage Credit)

Linking Demand

MC is used by end users who call on any online FrodoBot in the network to complete a delivery mission.

The "Drive-to-Earn" token

Frodobots Token (FBT)

FBT are distributed to FrodoBots owners, virtual drivers, validators, insurance pool, FrodoBots Foundation, FrodoBots Lab and investors.

There is no pre-mine of FBT (except for a very small amount set aside for early beta testers), and a max supply of 500M FBT.

Genesis is expected to begin in mid-2022.

FBT Distribution

Aligning interests over time

FBT distribution changes over time to align the interests of various stakeholders as the network evolves.

In the early stages, majority of FBT distributed is used to incentivize the build-up on the supply side (provided by FrodoBots owners and virtual drivers) as well as the development of various teleoperation management and driver-assistance tools.

As the network grows, higher proportion of FBT distributed will go towards virtual drives involving actual delivery missions, while the distribution to founding team and investors will also reduce.

FBT Max Supply

Incentivizing early adopters

All FBT will be mined from genesis (ie. no pre-mine except for a small amount set aside for early beta testers).

In order to reward early adopters/community members, annual FBT generation will begin at a high inflation rate in the initial years (80% p.a. inflation in 2nd year), but rapidly drop to less than 3% p.a. past 10 years).

Effectively, token generation schedule will begin at 100M FBT in the 1st year before tapering to 10M FBT or less from the 11th year onwards.

Paying for delivery missions

Mileage Credits (MC)

MC are the only payment accepted and allow users to create delivery missions on the FrodoBots network.

MC are created by burning FBT and fixed in USD (1 MC = 1 USD), with each MC providing 5 Km worth of distance driven by any FrodoBots on the network.

The actual roll-out of Mileage Credits and delivery mission creation will begin in 2nd year from FBT genesis, with an increasing portion of "Drive-to-Earn" FBT rewarded towards driving missions that are paid for by MC.